Fun For All Ages


by Kathleen Cook, leadership coordinator
As a part of a school-wide commitment to external community service for all the students at SMUS, the Junior School regularly visited at a local seniors home. Throughout the year, classes took trips to the James Bay Care Centre and the students spent time talking to seniors, sharing work and playing games. The horse racing game was a highlight as children and seniors joined together to cheer on their horses!

Students have performed by singing and playing their Orff instruments. The children were prepared for the experience in service learning lessons and engaged in reflective work following their outing. It was very exciting to see the wonderful contribution that our children were able to make when visiting. It has been a very successful and meaningful experience for all of the children and we look forward to continuing our special connection with the James Bay Care Centre.

Grade 1 and K Student Thoughts
“I enjoyed singing the Jolly Phonics song. I also enjoyed reading my book.” – Cate
“I liked making them happy.” – Zachary
“I liked seeing the old people. I met Mary and she was like a grandma.” – Willow
“I liked reading the older people my books.” – Avli
“I liked everything about the trip. It was fun, it was cool doing it and it was an experience.” – Elliot
“I liked giving away my daffodil.” – Jacob
“I noticed some people were tapping their feet when we were singing. That made me happy.” – Soren
“It was super fun visiting them because we read books. I really liked that.” – Wil
“I liked making cards and meeting seniors. It was special.” – Alex

Grade 3 Student Thoughts
“I liked helping the seniors and making them feel better.” – Amalia
“It makes me feel warm when I see people so happy seeing little kids.” – Anna
“I liked that you got to meet other people. It is interesting meeting people older than you.” – Cypress
“Once you got to know them they were nice. It was easy for me because I have a grandpa who was once in a hospital.” – Alex
“It was fun. It was cool and I liked it.” – Nevaeh
“It was really neat to go there. We played Orff instruments and I liked that we actually got to share playing them with the seniors and that they played too.” – Emma



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