Cross Campus Strings: Firsts and Finals


In the opening show of concert season at SMUS, the Cross Campus Strings featured appearances (musically, anyway) from Mahler, Saint-Saëns, the League of Legends video game and alumnus Brian Christensen ’11, who wrote a piece especially for the Senior School orchestra. It was a well-rehearsed, finely-tuned concert showcasing hard work and sacrifice from our students and teachers alike. The show featured first performances from many of our youngest in the Junior School, tricky timing pieces in the Middle School and one of the last concerts for the Seniors — some of whom began their musical careers in the Junior School.

If you missed it, the full video will be posted very soon along with interviews with Brian Christensen about how the composition came to be as well as Luke Jones, who helped bring the video game score to the stage.

Be sure to stop by the photo gallery to browse and download more than 100 pictures of the evening.

Congratulations to Donna Williams, Mary Smith, the orchestras and the many volunteers it takes to put this show together every year. For a nostalgic look back, you can see Brian performing a piece he personally sought out for the orchestra to perform in 2010.


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