Building A Better Brain

SMUS held its first annual Brain Awareness Week from April 5-12 in order to educate our entire community about not only how our brains work, but how we can change and develop them. While each school had special student-centred events running throughout the week on a variety of themes, parents and faculty enjoyed specialized sessions with Dr. Judy Willis – an educator, author and neurologist.

Junior School Student Thoughts

“The brain stem is very cool.” – Cooper, Kindergarten

“I like the hippocampus because it stores your memories.” Caitlin, Kindergarten

“I like the brain because before I only thought it was used for thinking. I didn’t know the cerebellum was used for balance and I didn’t realize there were so many parts that could help you with so many things.” – Will, Kindergarten

“I liked the mad science assembly because I thought the balloon was like a brain because it was squishy when it was going into the jar.” – Liam, Kindergarten

“The prefrontal cortex helps you think and make good choices.” – Anna, Kindergarten

“In the mindfulness assembly, I learned a lot, like changing the way we think can end up with us making better choices and using the prefrontal cortex (the wise turtle) instead of responding immediately from the amygdala (the bunny). I practice mindful moments when I get nervous, such as before a test and a swim meet or when something upsets me. It helps me to just take some deep breaths.” – Larry, Grade 5


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