Restorative Justice Victoria – Fundraising and Planning

Restorative Justice Victoria (RJV) is looking for people to join its new fundraising event planning committee. Their hope is to have one big fundraiser per year, and they would love to hear your ideas around what it should be! This committee will plan and deliver the fundraiser, and will meet once a month per year (with a few more meetings closer to the fundraiser). They are looking for long-term volunteers.

Contact Shanna Grant-Warmald for more information or to apply for the position.

Restorative Justice Victoria is a non-profit, non-government organization and charity that provides restorative dialogues for victims, offenders and the community in the aftermath of crime and other harmful behaviour that occurs in the City of Victoria or Esquimalt.  We are victim-centred and community-based, and address the need for participation, accountability, results, healing and closure.  Those who facilitate our processes are trained community members, most of whom are professionals in fields such as psychology, social work, counselling and mediation.


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