English language option in France


Sciences Po Reims

Sciences Po is an internationally renowned university in France composed of seven campuses, each with its own geographical focus area and dominant language on campus. The campus in Reims, 45 minutes north of Paris by train, is the one that focuses its coursework on European/American relations and, as a result, the main language of instruction is French, but all students must also take at least one other foreign language. The learning space is housed in former church buildings around a beautiful green space and they have handily converted it into office and teaching spaces.

When studying at Sciences Po, the pace is intense, the structure rigid, and the instructional style a mix of American (lecture) and French (discussion, debate, dissertation). The student body is about 40% French, 40% North American, and 20% “other” international students. There are mandatory fine art workshops and courses on topics like scientific humanities (the connection between decisions and science), but the main thrust of the program is economics, history, international relations, and politics.

The residence buildings are shared with students from neighboring universities, and located about 10 minutes drive from the campus, with views out on the vineyards that produce some of the most famous champagne in the world. The rooms are very small, by North American standards, but equipped with all the right amenities, including a fridge in each room. There is a central dining hall for the evening meal, cafes in each building for breakfast and lunch, and well equipped kitchens for student use. One interesting quirk was that if you were using the gas cook top in the shared kitchen space, you had to remain standing in front of the cook top otherwise it would automatically go out!

Both UBC (new!) and Columbia University (NY) have formal arrangements for joint degrees with Sciences Po. It certainly would add an amazing international flavour and experience to post-secondary studies!


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