Boning Up On Anthropology


As part of their animal study, the Grade 2 class visited UVic’s Anthropology Department, where they learned interesting facts about animal bones and teeth from professor Becky Wigen.

Student Thoughts
“Snake bones are shaped like puzzle pieces.” – Samantha
“Rabbits have two teeth behind the bigger teeth.” – Xander
“Some bones were big, and some were small.” – Naechal
“People used to make buttons out of animal horns” – Alexandra
“First Nations people made baskets out of baleen.” – Jamie
“I had fun putting the teeth in the sockets of the skull.” – Jonah J.
“I especially liked learning about horses’ teeth.” – Lauren
“Beavers have teeth that are big and go way back in their heads.” – Bryson
“Monkey skulls look like human skulls.” – Jonah A.
“Deer and elk antlers are furry and fall off and grow back.” – Cole
“I didn`t know that horses` legs had so many bones!” – Eva
“Grass has little pieces of glass in it, and that makes it hard for animals to chew grass.” – Arjun
“Some kinds of birds have little spikes pointing inwards on their beaks.” – Alec
“A whale`s rib bone is way bigger than I am.” – Ethan
“I liked sketching the bones.” – Daniel
“I liked how everything was explained really specifically.” – Anj
“I liked learning about animal bones.” – Alastair
“I learned lots of things!” – Tyson
“I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.” – Josephine
“It was awesome!” – Kelsey


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