SMUS in the News: Canadese gasten op Griftland


March 27, 2013

Canadese gasten op Griftland (in Dutch)


On the 21st of March, Griftland College had a visit from Canadian school St. Michaels University School, based in Victoria, BC. A group of 40 students from the school were on an trip through Europe as part of their Spring Break international travel and exchange program.

One aspect of the school is that all students follow an extensive curriculum in arts. The school has various orchestras and classes in music, acting, sculpting and painting, etc.

The program at Griftland started with a communal lunch for the Canadian students and 60 students of class SVWO. They were welcomed by Klaas de Waard, departmental director of VWO.

After lunch, the students from Canada attended three classes: one lesson in English, during which they had an animated conversation with the Griftlanders about actual subjects, a music lesson during which music ensembles performed, and a lesson in handicrafts.

To finish, the SMUS students produced a beautiful concert in the auditorium at Griftland College.

The parting words were warm. It had been a tremendous afternoon with valuable meetings at all levels.


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