Parents Get a Lesson on Learning


During the final week of the term, the Junior School parents are invited to the school to spend time with their child at a student-led conference. Each child has prepared for this special occasion and children have been demonstrating their learning in a wide variety of ways. The students were so enthusiastic about sharing all that they have learned this term and it’s been a wonderful week in the Junior School.

Student Thoughts

by Alexandria, Grade 3
I liked the student-led conferences because we got to tell our parents what we did at school for the term. I, for some reason, was very shy. I whispered to my parents for the beginning of the conferences. I got braver sentence after sentence. My two favourite things about the conference were sharing the pioneer projects and the newspaper skyscrapers. They both are very challenging to make but super fun. The newspaper skyscrapers were challenging because we were trying to make them taller than Mr. Hawes. We were in groups of three and on the second day my group made a triangular skyscraper mess. On the third day it was lying on the floor! In the end it all worked out.

I think that we do the student led conferences for three reasons:

1) We build our confidence in speaking in front of other people.
2) We get used to working in groups.
3) We get to talk to our parents about school!

by Markus, Grade 3
I really enjoyed the student-led conferences. It was really fun because we showed our parents all of our work like the sky scrapers and the pioneer projects that we made. We also showed them all of the books that we read and the subjects that we have, like French, PE and Science. We also got to play a basketball game against each other and the parents watched.

by Cypress, Grade 3
At my student-led conference, I first showed my parents my pioneer project and I explained what I made them out of and how I made it. Then I showed them my structure made out of newspaper but it had collapsed and then after that I showed my parents my math, science, language arts and handwriting work. I showed them what I read for DEAR and, since we are learning about pioneers, I showed them what games pioneers played.


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