New Technology Turns Students Into Meteorologists

This week Grade 4 students had the opportunity to learn about green screen video technology as a way to present their extreme weather reports. Green screens are used frequently in news reporting and motion pictures to add special effects or replace background images using a video effects feature called Chroma Key. Students began by writing their news broadcasts and then recorded them in front of a green screen. Using Adobe Premiere, students added titles, images and transitions to complete their videos.

It was wonderful to see how quickly the students learned to import media, manipulate images and add effects to customize their videos. The excitement around the project and eagerness to share what they were learning was evident to everyone who entered the room.

by Sebi, Grade 4
Over the last few months, our class has been studying weather. We got to pick a city or town and then tracked the weather for five days. Then, we researched an extreme weather phenomenon that happens a lot in our city. I researched wildfires. We got to take notes, order them into sentences and then we wrote scripts for a video. After that, we were filmed in front of a green screen, presenting all our research. Finally, we got to choose a couple of photos to replace the green screen. Going through all the steps was really fun. My favourite was replacing the green screen with the photos because I could personalize it any way I wanted. It was also really fun using all the technology for research such as using the iPad to research the extreme weather, being videotaped and using the laptops to replace the green screen.

by Amalia, Grade 4
During the shoot, I was breathing hard with shaking legs, trying to look as calm and collected as the TV reporters you see on the news. (This was partly from nerves and partly from the fact I had just run up and down 30 stairs.) The process was very smooth from there on and the backgrounds of extreme weather we got to choose to be behind us were fun. I am proud of my video and excited to show it for my student led conferences and on my blog. You got to do every step on your own and could do transitions from pictures and text. I learned a lot about how I can share my learning and different programs. The best part is whatever kind, style, type or look of video we chose, we all had the best we could presented in a way that reflected us and what we can do.


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