Fairy Tales Teach Espanol


“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want your children to be more intelligent read them more fairy tales.”
-Albert Einstein

The Grade 1 class is currently immersed in an inquiry Fairy Tale unit. Students are learning about the structure, language and patterns presented in this timeless genre of literature. We were thrilled to team up with the Grade 11 Spanish class one morning recently. The Grade 11 class wrote fairy tales in Spanish as part of their course work and then brought them to share. The Grade 1 students were thrilled to hear the stories in English and Spanish and were then tasked with putting them through our fairy tale element checklist to ensure that they included heroes, villains, a setting, problem and solution. The stories were a huge hit and a wonderful learning opportunity for everyone. We look forward to more collaborative opportunities with our big buddies!

Student Thoughts

“Going to the Junior School was a memorable experience for me. Seeing the excitement and the eagerness in the students’ eyes allowed me to have fun with them. Luckily, the students like our stories!” – Danny, Grade 11

“My Grade 11 buddy wrote a story about a deer and a fairy helped it.” – Jennifer, Grade 1

“It was so fun to be able to share my love of Spanish with the kids. My buddy picked up one Spanish expression: ¡No me digas!” – Lydia, Grade 11

“I enjoyed the Spanish fairy tale because it had mixed up characters.” – Mia, Grade 1

“The girls I talked with were both adorable and inquisitive. I enjoyed my visit and I hope they did too!” – Jenn, Grade 11

“I liked learning some Spanish words.” – Katie, Grade 1

“I loved the enthusiasm and interest that was present in the kids. They brightened my day. I was amazed at how smart they really were!” – Dayna, Grade 11

“I learned how to say hola and gracias” – Michael, Grade 1

“Me gustó mucho el viaje a la escuela. Me gusto la niña y me disfruté mucho con ella.” – Matt, Grade 11

More photos can be found in the SMUS photo gallery.


  1. This experience will definitely be one that is memorable for both our senior students and our grade 1 students! What a great opportunity for some cross-campus connecting and making connections with our curriculum. Hopefully we can organize more of this kind of learning experience for our students. Well done Allison & Clayton to bring this idea to reality!


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