Buddies With Books


Our reading buddies program brings Junior School kids to the Senior School throughout the year to share their favourite books with older SMUS students. Below our Junior buddies talk about what they like about the program. For a perspective on what the program offers Senior School students, check out this article by organizer Zeyn San.

Student Thoughts
“I like sitting in the big seats with my buddy, Zeyn. I find it quite relaxing reading with her.” – Jonah, Grade 2

“I like to go to the Senior School because sometimes I talk about hockey with my buddy, Justin.” – Christian, Grade 3

“I like talking with Tatiana about my books and animals, and I really liked where we sat last time.” – Katie, Grade 3

“I like going to the Senior School on the bus and reading with my choice of book with Sarah.” – Cypress, Grade 3

“We really like sitting under the table when we are reading with Alycia and Daphne.” – Sofia and Elizabeth, Grade 3

“Riley and I are staying in our spot forever and ever.” -Bree, Grade 3

“I like reading and making jokes about the books with Sophie.” – Cassidy, Grade 3

“I have the opportunity to read fun books and have a fun time with my buddy, Sara.” – Tyson, Grade 2

“I like reading and talking to my buddy Delphi about the book. I also like playing Jenga with her. We usually try to find a comfy chair, but if we can’t find one, we find a table.” Arjun, Grade 2

“I like going to the Senior Library and I like to sit in comfy chairs in a particular spot in front of the stairs. I also like the games after reading time. My buddy is my sister Rachel, and my brother Joshua fills in when she’s away.” – Daniel, Grade 2

“What I like about buddy reading is being the teacher because Jamie has to put up her hand to ask a question.” – Anjulie, Grade 2

“I like reading and playing Jenga with Ryan. Sometimes he gives me a test by asking me what I remember about what I read. It’s hard, but it is fun too. I like being in the study room.” – Bhavi, Grade 2

“I like to bring my own book to share with my buddy, Gabbi. I like reading Ivy and Bean books with her. It is fun to sit in between the stacks upstairs in the senior library.” – Lauren, Grade 2

“I like reading and talking about things related to the book with my buddy, Casey.” – Josephine, Grade 2

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