Bonding Through the Buddy Program


At the Junior School, classes are paired together as a part of the buddy program. The intermediate students are all paired with a primary student and they participate together in a wide range of activities. They read, draw, create, build and discuss throughout the year. Most recently, our Kindergarten and Grade 5 classes joined together to celebrate Valentine’s Day. They had time for a partner talk discussing what qualities a friend should have, read stories and the children added their cups of fruit to the large bowl which they enjoyed together.

by Paris, Grade 5
The buddy program is an awesome program where younger kids get paired with older kids. I remember when I was a younger buddy and was looking up to my older buddy. Now I am an older buddy and my buddy and I have done lots of things. We’ve made lots of stuff for holidays as well as just reading. Sometimes we meet outside of buddy time, like recess. Sometimes the buddies play something like tag or maybe sports. I remember when I was in Kindergarten, piggy banks were very popular with the girls and the boys just played sports and ran around. The first day we had our Kindergarten buddies we had a fun day doing a cut-out pumpkin. The buddy program is a fun experience.

by Will, Grade 5
I have had a great time with the buddy program and have learned how to get along with kids that are younger than me. The reason I enjoy the buddy program is because your buddy looks up to you and because the program puts the kids together and, in the end, you become amazing friends. On Valentine’s Day, my buddy and I made fruit salad and had a wonderful time. My buddy was so happy when we got to eat the fruit salad. I love having a buddy!

by Benjamin, Grade 5
When I talk with my buddy I find that it is very interesting to learn about his life and what he does every day. I think that he is a very sweet boy who is very intelligent and whenever I see him he always brings a smile to my face. I find that everyone’s buddy has a different story in their life. One of my friend’s buddies plays soccer with an imaginary ball. My buddy plays in the sand pit at school and digs around looking for all sorts of objects and he tries to dig the biggest hole. If you have a buddy, ask him about his life and what he does. Also observe him or her and get to know what they think and what is interesting to them.

Little Buddies’ Thoughts
“My buddy explains what we will do even before we do it. That helps.” – Anj, Grade 2
“I like to spend time with my buddy. I like doing fun things like reading together.” – Evalida, Grade 2
“I like that we get to have time together and we get to have a fruit salad sometimes. Also, I really like my buddies and I have two!” – Owen, Kindergarten
“It is good because they always care about me.” Katherine, Kindergarten
“I really like doing little crafts with them. I like seeing what they can make and how creative they can be. You understand your buddy’s character more and understand what they need when you are with them.” – Charlotte, Grade 5


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