Artists Talk Inspiration Behind McPherson Show


The art show at the Mac is always a great exhibit for student work – when I was in Grade 8 and 9, I would always go look at the art that was hung during long rehearsals for the musical. It’s really cool to see the paintings that have been done by people you know, or see something they’ve talked about because then you can connect to the piece on a personal level. I was really proud that my art was selected this year. I went to the opening, and I recognized a lot of great pieces from my class, and others I had seen hanging around the school. I hope that people enjoy all the displays during the intermission from the musical!

by Julia Weiss, Grade 10
We made our pieces to represent our class’s visit to the aquarium earlier in the year. From previous sketches of various marine life, we were told to construct a hangable 3-D tile. When I noticed that many pieces were fish turned on their sides, I thought it might be cool to show my fish essentially sticking its head out of the tile toward the viewers. It began as a very experimental project because we were to incorporate crushed glass or “frit” into the pieces. Our teacher Mr. Bateman was unsure of the results but they seemed to turn out very well. The thicker the frit, the more it would pool and crack, giving an almost water-like quality to the background (very fitting for the assignment). Though my passion lies in painting and drawing, it was wonderful to get hands-on with the clay and get a satisfying end product.

by Saeed Shokoya, Grade 11
The artwork I created was based on a snapshot I took of downtown Calgary a few years ago. I was inspired to use this image in my piece because it is one of the few good photos I have taken, as well as the fact that Calgary is my hometown. I thought it would be a cool challenge to see if I could take a bright scene (downtown Calgary) and give it a dark, Gotham City-like atmosphere. I also added various human silhouettes into the background to give the image a kind of story/scene that requires imagination by the viewer. I am not a great artist, but I am proud of this piece.

For more pictures of the pieces on display at the McPherson Playhouse, you can visit the SMUS photo gallery.


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