Not the Usual Daily Grind

by Natrine Cheuk, Grade 12 boarder and Business Club Executive

The Daily Grind is a cafe ran entirely by the members of the Business Club. Located in the Wenman Pavilion, the Daily Grind is open Monday to Friday during lunch, after school and after boarding prep (about 8:30). It offers a variety of bubble tea, hot drinks, buns and sushi, along with some seasonal snacks. The Daily Grind not only serves the student body, but also hungry house parents at night! With the kind donation by the Parents’ Auxiliary, the Daily Grind has just been renovated and is well equipped with a new plasma television and sofas that serve as a perfect place to hang out with friends.

To the Business Club members, the Daily Grind is more than just a café that offers food and comfort. From stocking the food to organizing various events, members put their business knowledge into practice. Recently, Business Club decided to donate all of their Friday profits to Centro Conviven, a local charity in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Ma Facia, a primary school in Monrovia, Liberia to improve the lives of fellow citizens around the world.

In the video below, we take a thumbnail tour of The Daily Grind and talk to Dylan Zheng, Head of Harvey House and Business Club executive, about what students gain from Business Club.


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