Parents Tell Us: Why SMUS?


Why do parents choose SMUS for their kids? This week, the SMUS Open House will bring a lot of new families to campus, some for the very first time. It seemed like a good opportunity to get parents to look back at what made them join our community and how they feel about that decision today.

“They teach our children so much more than just the academic curriculum.”

A K-12 Plan
by Kate Campbell, parent

SMUS is the school we chose for our daughter because we wanted our child to continue to be a confident, interesting – and interested – happy person; to learn well and enjoy the school days of her precious childhood. The SMUS philosophy fit.

The days that span Kindergarten through Grade 12 are many. Outstanding preparation for higher learning aside, we wanted each day Charlotte had at school to be replete. We wanted her lush mind and love of learning to be tended to and encouraged, and her days at school to be wonderful.

What we heard when choosing a school for Charlotte was that SMUS’s reputation in Canada attracts the best and brightest teachers. Now, as a parent in the SMUS community, I see that the teaching staff at SMUS is the best and brightest, and that they teach our children so much more than just the academic curriculum; our teachers seem genuinely happy, brilliant, “think outside the box” people. They are committed to our kids’ education and happiness; help stretch our kids’ capabilities beyond remembering simple facts and into deep thinking and reasoning; care beautifully for our children; and act as great role models in myriad aspects of life.

When Charlotte was very wee, we taught her that she has a voice and an opinion that is important in our family. When she started spending time outside of our family, in sports and at school, we hoped that she would feel like she would also be heard and feel important outside of our family. SMUS really believes and positively demonstrates – through mentoring programs between older and younger grades, charity endeavours, meaningful field trips, music and sports events, the virtues program, and reciprocal respect between teachers and students in the school – that children are important in their families, their classrooms, our school, this community, our city, province, country and world.

“Nothing warms a parent’s heart more than a child who is blossoming.”

My confident, interesting and interested happy child is thriving at SMUS.

Why Not Sooner?
by the Reis family

Why did we choose SMUS? That is a question that we often change into “Why didn’t we choose SMUS sooner rather than later?”

Both our children entered in the later years of the Junior School. Once our eldest made the transition in Grade 5, we became a part of a large family/community that was so welcoming. He never looked back and neither did we (his sister quickly made the transition as well the following year). The teachers are exceptional and never cease to amaze us with their creative projects, open-ended learning, boundless energy and inspiring lessons. They are one talented bunch of people. They often go above and beyond to help with the children. The clubs that occur during and after school are inviting and inclusive. We quickly had to make room after school for all that is offered. The general community is very warm; offering many chances for involvement and gatherings for the whole family.

“SMUS has a wonderful energy about it.”

Both our children feel at home and loved. They are truly lucky to be a part of such a magical place. Nothing warms a parent’s heart more than a child who is blossoming and looks forward to each new day at school. Now we only wish we, too, were offered a chance to attend SMUS when we were little!

Thank you to all at SMUS for working so hard and enriching our lives.

Senior and Junior School Girls
by Don and Nancy Farkas

We have two daughters presently attending SMUS. They are thriving both academically and socially. We chose St. Michaels University School for a number of reasons, but mostly for the depth and quality of its enriched programs and its excellent educators, who are genuinely caring and dedicated professionals. They devote their time and energy into ensuring that each student feels successful in his or her learning and they help ensure that the students feel good about themselves no matter what their strengths and weaknesses. SMUS is a safe and nurturing school environment where students feel accepted and are challenged and encouraged to be the best that they can be in all aspects of school life.

Leanne, currently in Grade 9, started SMUS in fifth grade, was warmly welcomed as a new student and was therefore able to easily and quickly settle into her new school. Tori, currently in Grade 4, started SMUS in Kindergarten and has loved every day since.

SMUS has a wonderful energy about it and both of our daughters are very happy and engaged in their learning along with the many activities that they are involved in. SMUS is a very special school.

What more could parents want for their children?


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