Fun on the Courts


Racquet sports are considered to be an important part of the Junior School sports program and over the past few months our Grade 5 students have been visiting the SMUS squash courts. Each week they have received expert coaching from Phil Green and they have worked hard to develop their skills and their understanding of the game.

Last week, our players put their skills to test in a fun Squash Jamboree. Several hours of energetic and competitive play showed that our students have made remarkable progress. Beyond learning the game, students also have a lot of fun and a lot to say about squash.

Charlotte says she likes squash because “you get to take all of the energy you have inside your body and hit a ball as hard as you can!” Amira and Mary enjoy this sport because “it’s a challenge, it is lots of fun, and is great exercise.” Darius added “you get to run around with your friends and have a good laugh.” Sebastian particularly enjoys the strategy that is needed to be successful in this game.

This has been a wonderful season and our Squash Team is to be commended for their hard work and enthusiasm.


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