Diplomat Tony Quainton ’46 Talks Politics


When I first learned about Mr. Quainton’s impressive career in diplomacy, I expected his speech to be very cagey. I expected him to sugarcoat his words or fill the speech with patriotic rhetoric. However, I was more than pleasantly surprised by Mr. Quainton’s candor and down-to-earth nature. He was honest and engaging, and answered all the questions posed to him completely. Mr. Quainton had a gift for storytelling and some of the best (and most amusing) moments were the stories of his diplomatic successes as well as his blunders. He explained American Foreign policy from the perspective of the government.

As a Canadian who gets all her information from a Canadian news source, this was very insightful. For several of my peers and me, Mr. Quainton sparked an interest in diplomacy that, in many cases, was previously hidden. Overall, despite my original skepticism, I must admire Mr. Quainton’s blunt honesty and openness, and I believe that he is a prime example of why our world needs diplomats.

Listen to Tony Quaintan’s talk: Tony Quaintan

by John Throne, Grade 10 boarder

It was great getting to hear Mr. Quainton put terms and concepts we learned in our Global Politics class into real life situations. I also found it quite surprising that the US has an ambassador in every country except two. It was nice to hear the perspective of someone who has actually experienced what it is like to be an ambassador and hear about some of his experiences. Overall, I found it a very beneficial use of our time and it was a pleasure to meet Mr. Quainton.


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