A Look Into The Eye


As part of their biology unit, Science 8 students get to dissect a real ocular specimen from some bovine donors. For their lab, students study how the eye works by examining the different parts of a cow’s eye and figuring out how they work together. It’s a bit of a gooey endeavour, but it’s also a great way to learn about one of our most interesting organs.

The cow eye dissection was done as a practical exam for Biology 8 students. Although it was an exam, the students thoroughly enjoyed it, understanding the eye and getting to know where the parts were. It gave the students a first hand experience of options for surgery on an eye, while still having fun.

The cow eye dissection was a very interesting experience. The most impressive thing for me was the fact that the eye is huge in comparison to what we actually see of it. The pupil is just a hole that lets the light into your eye. It is really exciting to learn about something in the real way, because you learn even more.

The cow eye dissection was surprisingly interesting in learning about the different parts of the eye, and then experiencing the real thing. I have learned to appreciate Biology and its scientific wonders. You should really try it!

Photos by Jolanta Lisiewicz


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