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Literature circles allow students to develop their active reading strategies and “dig deeply” into their novels. By assuming different roles as they read, they begin to think critically about what it is they are reading. They ask questions and make connections with the characters and events. I encourage my students to use sticky notes so they have a visual way of keeping track of how they have connected with the book. My students love the literature circle process. It is an interesting, challenging – yet very rewarding – learning experience.

by Georgia, Grade 6

In Humanities 6, we do many things including Literature Circles. In literature circles, you work within a small group who read the same book. We have meetings every Tuesday and Friday and discuss what we think about things that have happened in the book. In our class, we have a new role for each meeting, the roles vary from Critical Connector to Radical Researcher. Each student has a different role for each meeting so everyone can share a different opinion. I find these groups a really fun way to share your opinion and to say what you think. In my group, we are reading The Heaven Shop it is a really interesting book and I love reading and discussing it in class.


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