Students Take On Responsibility of Global Conference


Just this past Friday, I had the opportunity of putting on a global responsibility conference for youth in southern British Columbia. Along with a few of my peers, I have been planning this conference since the first day of school. Each of us either presented a workshop or helped facilitate one.

To start off the day, we asked everyone to close their eyes and to imagine what our world would look like in 25 years if we continued on the path we are on now and then imagine what they wanted it to look like. Then, each participant had to come up with ideas of how they could bridge the gap between these two visions of the future.

“This is an experience that I will never forget and I hope that each person left feeling the same way.”

Following this was our keynote speaker Katherine Tweedie ’94. She is an amazing woman who is the former director of Africa in the World Economic Forum. She spoke about her many experiences and the path that she took to become very well-known and successful. She also talked about the global issues that are arising and how we need youth to come up with brand new ideas to solve them. Many of the participants let me know how inspiring they found her.

Listen to: Katherine Tweedie’s Keynote Speech

Participants had the choice of attending two workshops throughout the day. My workshop was on two of my passions: maternal care and child development. My mother, a nurse, lives in Portland and is very involved in her community. Throughout her career, she has done workshops and has worked for a program that provides services and knowledge to mothers about maternal care and child development. After my presentation, I had several people mention that they could tell how passionate I was and how much I loved what I was talking about. This was an amazing feeling.

To wrap up, we had another keynote speaker. His name was Spencer Dear and he was a representative of Free the Children. He talked about the necessary steps that you take when wanting to make a difference. My favorite part of his presentation was when he said that everyone has their own set of skills and talents. It is just a matter of finding out how you can use them to change the world around you.

Listen to: Spencer Dear’s Keynote Speech:Keynote: Spencer Dear

During the conference, I felt as though I was truly making a difference. This was the perfect opportunity for me to engage, inspire and empower young people. This is an experience that I will never forget and I hope that each person left feeling the same way. We have now equipped many others to go out and take action and I believe that if we all have this same goal we can and we will make a change.

Photos by Erin Anderson, Darin Steinkey and Chris Wedick


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