Live Streaming


This past week our Large Ensembles Concert made School history, as we tested our first official live-streaming of a School event. It was not widely advertised because of its trial nature, and we weren’t sure if people would see a blank screen, or choppy delays, or tinny sounds attached to a pixelated image. As it happens, it went extremely well. We know that by emails we received from Bermuda, Scotland, Alaska, Quebec and Bolton House, here on campus. The following day, I also ran into a few parents who had watched and responded enthusiastically. One parent had a son who couldn’t stay for the entire concert, but they watched when they got home; another parent watched out of curiosity. Everyone gave the experience rave reviews. The sound was great, the picture was clear, and those watching had a real connection with what was happening.

We hope that this experiment will become standard fare. In particular, it will allow boarding families who rarely get the opportunity to see their sons and daughters play sports or perform to see them live. In addition, it will allow alumni who are eager to follow various events to watch and participate.

Watch our website for future streamed events. Spread the word.


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