A Virtue to Inspire Improvement


The Junior School virtue for January is especially appropriate for the beginning of a new year: commitment. As countless adults set New Year’s Resolutions, our youngest students are also reflecting on where they want to devote their energy and projects they want to follow through on. Here are some of the commitments made by our Grade 5 students. Feel free to add yours in the comments below!

Student Commitments
“I am committed to reading every night.” – Ben
“I am committed to playing louder and more confidently in strings.” – Darius
“I am committed to keeping my desk clean because when my desk is dirty I can’t find a thing!” – Hannah
“I am committed to improve my shooting accuracy in basketball by practicing my shooting every day.” – Kevin
“My commitment is to play my cello three times a week. I am hoping to master shifting my hand.” – Michael
“I am committed to practicing my reading more often at home and at school.” – Sahaj
“I am committed to practicing and improving my soccer skills.” – Maki
“My commitment is to try harder in math and challenge myself more.” – Daniel
“I am committed to do my homework faster and better.” – Olivier
“I want to feed my lizard without being reminded so that my mum does not have to tell me.” – Jasper
“I would like to be committed to the swim club, working harder so that I can move up a level.” – Margo


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