A New Angle on Our City


Geography 10 students took a closer look at how Victoria works as a city on a field trip this week. Exploring the BC capital, students had to assess their homebase on a variety of factors, from affordability to sustainability.

by Rachel Benjamin, Grade 10

On Monday January 14, Mr. Henderson and Mr. McLeod’s Geography 10 classes met at Crothall to go on a field trip to downtown Victoria. Even though we talked about the field trip in class, I was curious to see what we were going to do there. When we arrived on Wharf Street, we were given our missions and told that as we completed each mission we were to go to a pre-arranged location and a teacher would give us our new mission. This would happen three times, and once we completed our third mission, we would get a fourth “fun” mission.

“If, like me, you’ve lived in Victoria for your entire life, you start to stop appreciating all the little things.”

For our first mission, our group of three was given the task to go around our study site and take pictures of different housing, entertainment and dining for different affordability categories. That task probably took the longest, because you had to think where people from each category would live, dine and spend time on leisure activities. Our second task we did in the coffee shop, for which we were to decide what a family of four, a couple of hipsters, and a senior couple would do with $200 in Victoria. That one was the quickest, because it seems you can think better when you aren’t freezing outside!

Our third task was to go around to different businesses and ask whether they used plastic bags or paper. Our final task was actually lots of fun, because we were given $5 to capture the essence of Victoria, and we got to walk around the touristy side of Victoria, and go look in at what tourists buy when they come here. The last “fun” activity was the best, because if, like me, you’ve lived in Victoria for your entire life, you start to stop appreciating all the little things that happen, like cars actually stopping for you at crosswalks or the stereotypical Canadian kindness that is actually reflected in many people. When we left downtown, I was grateful that I live in such a great city, with such diverse and kind groups of people.

I really enjoyed the chance to go on this field trip, and on behalf of the Geography 10 classes, thank you to Mr. Henderson and Mr. McLeod for taking us on this trip!


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