Reptiles Return


Just before the break, Middle School Science students hosted some very special visitors from the Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary. Accompanied by their handler, several snakes were passed around through the classroom so students could see their amazing biology at work.

by Emma, Grade 6

It turns out snakes aren’t slimy – they are smooth. The guest speaker told us why snakes are always sticking their tongues out; it’s how they smell. Then he showed us Peachy, who liked to curl up into a knot and who had a peach-coloured chin that let her see in the dark. (Snakes smell with their tongues and see with their chins, isn’t that funny?)

After holding Peachy, the guide talked about shedding of the skin and how over the eyes of a snake there are “spectacles” – clear scales over their eyes – which are another word for glasses. We each got to hold a piece of shed skin.

Next, we went into the hallway and unravelled a picture of the longest snake that we know of, it was 35-feet long (approximately). Boy, it took a lot of people to hold it up. Once we came inside the class, we met little Liquorice, a garter snake, black and small but I still enjoyed her a lot. We all sang funny snake songs and had lots of fun. Sadly, class had ended and I needed to go to next class but I don’t think I will ever forget today.


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