It’s a new year and things are cooking in the University Counselling Centre! To date, 37% of the graduating class is on record as having applied to a university or college, but we strongly suspect that there are many grade 12 applicants who are flying under the radar. Nonetheless, I can say that our records show that 182 applications have been submitted to date with 82 letters of reference sent to US colleges in support of applications. Not reflected in that 82 are the many letters been sent in support of non-Common App applicants, including scholarship, UK, and international applications. It was a veritable beehive of activity around our offices in November and December.

While there are still some applications going in (or being recorded online), now many students turn their focus towards scholarship applications and the wait for admission decisions, which can stretch in to May or come as early as this month. Academic achievement is very important throughout the grade 12 year; indeed, the majority of universities still hold it as the most important factor in an admission decision, but it is certainly not the only factor. Time spent contributing meaningfully to school or community life, in any arena, is essential, not just in this post-secondary process, but also in the search for a good life.  Demonstration of care and consideration -a theme being explored in our community this week- is also a vital component of that good life.  Hopefully, we can all channel this towards ourselves and those around us during the dark days of winter while we wait for spring…and admission decisions!


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