A Play En Français


This week, Grade 6 students took to the Copeland stage to perform a play in French, as part of their language studies. Through music, costumes and props, the students managed to convey the tale even to the less bilingual audience members.

by Tate, Grade 6
My experience with the French play was a very good experience, and what I mean by that is that it was really fun and enjoyable to go through the process of making the play with my classmates and having fun while doing it. It was awesome that we got to perform in the Copeland Lecture Theatre with proper lights and a backstage.

We performed for some Middle School students and teachers, Grade 4 and 5 students from the Junior School and then on the last evening performance we performed for our families. I was a bit nervous, as I just started learning French this year, but with all the practice I did, we all managed to perform the whole play in French.

Although there were a couple of technical difficulties we kept acting and dancing. One time, the music didn’t work for one of our dances. Emma shouted “1-2-3 Go!” and we all started dancing and singing the words to the song. It was probably better than singing with the music anyway. The props were also really good. The rocket ship was my favourite prop. Overall, the whole experience was great and I hope my classmates think so too.


  1. How very nice to see such dramatic invention incorporating music , voice and dance, and performed in the French language.

    Congratulations to staff and students, and to everyone involved in the production.

    A and G Rees


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