A Celebration for All Ages


The holiday season is always a busy one at SMUS, but every year we make time to come together for a fun-filled assembly, featuring performances from our entire community, from the Kindergarten singers to our faculty actors.

Music dominates this tradition, with the “Twelve Days of Christmas” – sung in a bit of a complicated chorus, with grades lending their voices to specific sections – being a particular favourite. Middle School musicians contributed their talents to a couple of numbers, and the whole school was able to sing along with a few carols as well.

One part of the annual assembly that changes each year is the skits portion. The faculty this year presented “Cold-finger: the Man with the Minus Touch” while the students gave us “The Day SMUS Saved Christmas.” Naturally, both groups included some very dead-on impressions of each other, in the spirit of good fun.

The youngest performers – our intrepid Kindergarten students – always manage to earn the most applause. Singing “Love My Slippers” this year, their voices carried a little farther than usual as their numbers doubled this September. Also from the Junior School, the bell choir sang and played at the same time, an impressive feat captured in the video below.


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