Photographers for Global Responsibility Conference


On January 18th, 2013 SMUS is hosting the Global Responsibility Young Leaders’ Conference. They need photographers to document the day. As it is a school day (Day 8), they need several people who can cover the day. It is best if you have spares so you don’t have to miss class to help out.

If you are interested please contact Mrs. Parker.

About the conference:

As young leaders in our community, your future is being moulded by events that occur locally as well as globally. How do you begin to make sense of the forces that shape our world and acquire the knowledge, skills and sensitivities to act as responsible global citizens? What does it mean to participate in a meaningful way towards social justice for all?

The goal of this conference is to equip young leaders as compassionate, aware, and active global citizens empowered to make positive change in a complex and evolving world. You will engage in presentations, activities and discussions to help you understand more clearly complex global issues, think critically about responses to issues at hand, and discuss ways in which you can contribute meaningfully to a more secure, just and sustainable future. Through your learning experiences at this conference, you will gain the tools, skills and supports to help move you towards active global citizenship in your world.


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