Mania Over Math

Math Mania, a new event at SMUS, brought a crowd of students and parents to the Middle School to enjoy games and puzzles for all ages. Parents teamed up with their children to conquer equations and Senior School students shared their enthusiasm for mathematics with some of our younger community members.

by Jared, Grade 7
I thought Math Mania was a really cool event because there were many interesting problems, such as one called the genius cubes. The genius cubes were really fun to do because they were very challenging. What you had to do was use six cubes with numbers on them (positive and negative) and make it so the sum of the faces of the cubes added up to a number on the sheet. My friend and I decided to do one of the harder ones – it was supposed to take six hours to solve! We sat down and tried to solve the problem for one hour until we finally got it! I really hope we do Math Mania again next year because I thought it was a really worthwhile event. There were lots of challenging games that used geometry and many other types of math, and I could tell that everybody had a lot of fun, even if math wasn’t their favourite subject.


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