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The Junior School Service Committee annually organizes a Kindergarten to Grade 5 service project to raise money toward the purchase of a stable filled with animals. In order to make this a meaningful learning experience, children are invited to earn money through doing extra jobs at home. This project is student-led and it began this week with a wonderful assembly, including a speech from our service committee.

by the Junior School Service Committee

We are very lucky to live in Canada and we have many joyful moments. So do the people in Africa but in Africa they struggle with their basic needs. And today we are going to talk to you about how our school can help. You may be thinking: How can such a small school like ours help such a big problem like lack of food and education in Africa? But we can help!

It is quite simple. What we encourage you to do is, beginning on Monday, December 3rd until the final school day, December 14th, donate your daily earnings from the extra jobs you do around the house. Please keep an eye on the front board by the office to see what animals we bought! We hope you are all really excited to contribute to this wonderful cause!

Update: December 14, 2012: The Junior School students were rewarded for their work with a special visitor from World Vision!

Grade 4 Reflections

by Brynn
Jobs I might do at home are making my bed, doing the dishes and dusting. It is important to help others because they don’t have food or water unless they walk all day so it would help a lot. It opened my eyes when the Grade 2 students showed us how much they raised from selling gingerbread cookies. With just a little help, you can do anything.

by Shae
I am going to raise money for World Vision by cleaning around my house. My goal is to work four times a week. I had an emotional connection when I watched the video because I imagined how hard it would be for such a little child to have to work so hard. One animal can make such a big difference.

by Devon
Some of the jobs that I might do at home are: when it is cold I might sell apple cider, make my bed, clean the house, set the table. I think it is important to help others because some people don’t have what they need but we have what we want and what we need. This Christmas I hope to give more than I get.

by Sebi
I love the World Vision project because it is a great opportunity to give to others. Great job, Service Club.


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