Athletics Review: Winter Rugby on the Mild Coast


by Darin Steinkey

Even though it is cold (well, for the Island…), almost two dozen boys have shown up every day for extra rugby training sessions. Led by Fraser Lyle, who recently arrived from Scotland and is playing for the Castaways, and Clayton Daum, the boys run drills even as the darkness sets in. It is a real testament to their desire to get better and to the mild Island winter that we enjoy compared with the rest of Canada.

Speaking of mild, in our latest Two Minutes With…, Director of Service Kevin Cook talks about how athletics has shaped much of his life, why he likes to go into a game a little hungry and how often Jimmy Buffett appears on his iPod.

Obviously, the big athletics news of the week was our Senior boys winning the ISA basketball title, beating St. George’s and then Brentwood. You can read the recap here.


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