Special Guests Combine Geography and Art


We had some distinguished guests in this week talking to the art and the geography students in Copleand. Dr. Bill Zuk, Professor Emeritus in Art Education at UVic, and Lois Brown, a professional photographer and documentary filmmaker, shared the work they have done in the Arctic and Antarctic.

As well as being visually stunning, their work draws attention to global warming and the crisis with the rapidly melting ice. Bill, a professor and multimedia artist, has lived in the Arctic for extended periods and his work features light installation sculptures which emulate the type of colours found in the ice, as well as prints of cariboo, polar bears and the light from the Northern skies.

Lois, who went to the Antarctic on a Quark expedition two years ago, has printed some stills from her video onto large-scale silk panels, which are quite ethereal and beautifully evocative of the cold climate.


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