Inside Our Strings Ensemble


Last week, our Grade 7 and 8 Strings students gave their first concert of the year. The afternoon featured both solo performers and the entire orchestra. Below, one of those intrepid musicians talks about what it’s like to play in public, both alone and surrounded by friends.

by Karmen, Grade 7

One of the things we have at the SMUS Middle School is the strings ensemble. It’s a great way for everybody to learn how to work together. What I like the most about playing as an orchestra is playing beside someone, so if you ever get lost in the music, your partner can help you get back on track. I also think that playing in an orchestra helps me practice playing with harmony, because sometimes its easy to get thrown off – it takes a bit of practice.

Our strings ensemble is directed by our great teacher Mrs. Smith, along with her assistant Ms. Fisher. Mrs. Smith often asks people like me who take private lessons studying an instrument to play a solo in a concert. She also asked Lillian and Madison, who both are amazing violin players, to play a solo. It’s great playing a solo, you get your own part! I’ve been studying the piano for eight years and am currently in Grade 9 piano. I love to perform, no matter how many people are watching me. It’s a great way to boost self confidence.

“Nocturne” by the Grade 7/8 Strings Ensemble.


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