Christmas Cheer Never Tasted So Good!


The Grade 2 class has been learning weights, measures, baking, decorating, packaging, finance and sales skills – and a lot about the joy of giving.

As their annual service learning project, Grade 2 students prepared more than 2,000 gingerbread cookies for the Christmas season. The students offered their cookies for sale to the SMUS Junior School community and sold out within two days.

The cookie sales raised $3,410.00 and was used to buy 249 toys, games and books for over 120 children in our community this Christmas. The Grade 2 students guided decisions throughout the process. They went on a class shopping spree at School House Teaching Supplies and carefully chose gifts appropriate for children of various ages.

We thank all of you for supporting this project and helping children in our community. Thanks also to the great staff at Brown Hall for kitchen support, to School House Teaching Supplies for coordinating the shopping spree, to the Grade 2 parents for helping along the way, especially Alka Pathak for providing the egg substitute and nut-free Smarties and for making all of the royal icing, and to Santas Anonymous for distributing our toys, books and games to needy families.

Student Soundbites
“I liked rolling out the dough and cutting the cookies.” -Lauren
“I liked when we got our hair nets. Mine was red.” -Jamie
“I really liked seeing all the cool materials at School House Teaching Supplies.” -Josephine
“We made $3410.00.” -Cole
“I liked counting and sorting the money.” -Evalida
“I liked buying toys for charity.” -Alexandra
“I liked measuring the receipt. It was over two metres long. That is taller than our teacher!” -Eva
“I liked bagging up all of the awesome toys and books that we bought at School House.” -Arjun
“My favourite part was going up to the Senior School to roll and cut the cookies.” -Bhavi
“I liked the food at Brown Hall!” -Ethan
“I liked buying Toys at School House the best.” -Daniel
“We got candy canes at School House because we earned a scavenger hunt by getting our bean jar filled.” -Jonah



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