Never Too Young for Strings


On November 20, the SMUS Grade 5 students played a concert at the Junior School. To demonstrate our learning, we played four pieces that we have been working on: “Grasshopper Ball”, a springy and energetic piece, “Snow Canyon”, a slow, graceful piece with melodious harmony and “Kabuki Dance”, a dynamic and vibrant piece of Japanese origin. We also played “Fiddle Tunes Medley”, a combination of two Middle School pieces (“Patty’s Mill” and “Devil’s Dream”).

To show how much progress we have made so far this year, we played a short piece called “In Orbit” from Grade 4. Joshua and Seung Kyun also played two duets, the “Austrian National Anthem” and “German Dance”. I played a light and energetic solo piece called “Mazurka”.

The audience (mostly parents, other students and teachers) seemed very happy with our progress in Strings this term, and we were all very relieved that the pieces had turned out the way we’d hoped. I felt proud of myself and my classmates because we have made a lot of progress this term and we also have five new students who have done a very good job catching up.

I am very fortunate to be able to attend a school with such an intricate strings program that starts so early on, and I am thankful that the teachers are very supportive and kind to us. Without the strings program, the students at our school could not have achieved the level that they are at now, even though many have started less than two years ago.

Our next concert is planned for April. Special thanks to Ms. Jennifer Fisher, Ms. Jane Edler Davis, Mr. Smith and, of course, Mrs. Smith for making this concert possible.

by Christian, Grade 5
Today we had our Grade 5 strings concert. I am always very excited about performing with the school orchestra. Mrs. Smith does such a fantastic job of pulling everything together so beautifully. We all work hard and are all very excited to perform for an audience. My favourite piece from the concert is “Kabuki Dance”, a Japanese dance. I enjoy playing the cello and I always look forward to our orchestral performances.

The Grade 4 Strings students will perform Monday. November 26, at 8:30 am. Next up in the SMUS concert season is the Small Ensembles Concert on December 4th.


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