Boarders Give Thanks for a Common Bond


Thanksgiving is a holiday where families and friends get together to reflect on all the things that brought them there, the things that shaped how they act, the things that they are thankful for. Sitting around the table at the boarders’ American Thanksgiving, family was the word most everyone said when we were asked what we were thankful for. Hearing all the different parts of the country we were from, and knowing the different experiences we all have had, it was really powerful to hear that one thing was forefront in our minds while we were eating together. The second word from most was friends, and being thankful for boarding and its opportunities.

We all came together with only one thing in common, that of our citizenship. But by the time apple pie was being served, everyone was talking and laughing. What Mrs. Zapantis and Brown Hall put together was a way for us to feel more at home, a great meal, and an hour or so to reflect on what really matters to us.

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