Students Scare Hunger


by Livia, Grade 8

On Halloween, we participated in a fundraiser called We Scare Hunger that was started by an organization called Free the Children. What we did is ask everyone in the the Middle School to ask for cans when they went trick-or-treating or bring some in from their house to donate.

For the next week, we collected cans in Homeroom and to make it more fun we turned it into a grade competition. Last year, we raised around 1000 cans, so our goal was to raise the same amount or more this year.

We did this to support the Mustard Seed food bank and help feed hungry people in our community. We were inspired to do this from going to We Day and learning about different global issues and one in our community. We also got inspired to do this by going on a service day around the community and seeing all the smiling faces after we helped them. We also did it to raise awareness to everyone in the Middle School and in our community that there’s something close to home that you can help with easily. It’s just as easy to ask for a can and as it to ask for candy.

Total raised: 756 cans!
(Grade 6: 134, Grade 7: 480, Grade 8: 142)


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