Cleat Collection Supports Gender Equality


Shooting for Hope is an organization that allows young girls in India to be active and play sports, especially soccer. This program was started by Ish Jhaj who wanted girls to be able to have the opportunities that boys have.

As a young and very accomplished soccer player herself, it had always been a dream of Ish’s to do this. Around every year Ish goes back to India for a couple of weeks to coach this camp of young girls herself. She wants to teach them everything she knows about soccer so that they can fully enjoy the sport.

At SMUS we did a cleat drive to collect cleats for these girls in India. We collected used cleats from the students and their families. In total we collected 38 pairs of cleats. We presented these to Ish at an assembly and she shared with us what it was like to experience this. These cleats will be brought back to India at Christmas for these girls to use.

We believe that people like Ish that fight for equality are incredible and role models for us. We hope that Ish inspired all of the students to set a goal and accomplish it.


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