Yesterday we had our Junior School Remembrance Day service, an occasion appropriately pitched at those young children. Today we had the Remembrance Day Service for the rest of the School, once again this year a moving and reflective occasion.

The commemoration of those who made their sacrifice for our values and our way of life is important for our School – and, we believe, for the broader world. We do remember, also, that there are men and women making a sacrifice even today, as we walk and breathe and go to school in Victoria. Earlier in the week one of our PE teachers, Melanie Masson, sent this note to her colleagues on staff. Her fiancé is currently serving in Afghanistan. Here is what she wrote:

Hello All;

As most of you know my fiancé serves with the Canadian Forces and he has been on three different tours to Afghanistan, so Remembrance Day is quite important in our lives.

Last night I was searching for something “new” to share with my homeroom in preparation for the Remembrance Day Ceremony on Thursday and I came across this video “Desert Lions: Canadian Forces Mentors in Kandahar”. It is interesting to see what our troops are working on and although Canadian troops are no longer on combat missions they are still heavily involved in Afghanistan.

I shared the first 20 mins of the video with my homeroom this morning and I was asked to share the link with all of you. I just wanted my homeroom kids to know that those whom we remember on Remembrance Day can also still be alive and that there are “new veterans” as well as all of those special people we remember from the World Wars. Just a different take on this very important and special ceremony we have coming up on Thursday.

Every year we work to make these reflections real for our students, so that the message of what we live for is sustained in their thoughts. Our Chaplain, Keven Fletcher, also shares some thoughts here. Definitely worth it.


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