Simon’s Struggle: Overcoming the Odds


SMUS recently hosted Simon Ibell ’96, our 2012 Distinguished Alumnus (Philanthropy). Simon began his visit at the Junior School before going on to speak to the Senior School Service Council.

by Will, Grade 5
Last week in assembly we had a guest named Simon Ibell. He said a lot of inspiring things but one of them was this – “A disability can also be an ability.” This really stood out for me because I love to run and then I look at Simon and he is a great bike rider and he has a disability. He is now my role model.

by Joshua B, Grade 5
Simon Ibell is a very amazing person. He has Hunter Syndrome which makes him grow a lot less than someone that doesn’t have Hunter Syndrome. It also makes it harder for him to breathe. Simon has a big passion for sports, even though it is much harder for him to do sports, he still pushes through the pain to play. He also tries hard to help people find cures for his disease and other rare diseases. Simon demonstrates a lot of virtues: perseverance, determination, caring, kindness, respect, responsibility and helpfulness. With those virtues Simon is making the world a better place.

by Margo, Grade 5
I have always looked up to Simon Ibell and I think that the main thing he was trying to tell us was “all of us can do something even if we have a disability.” Simon is a great example of a leader. He never gives up and he doesn’t stop himself from doing the right thing. Think what you could do if you were like him?

Grade 4 Reflections

“We found a quote that we liked on Simon’s website that said ‘We all have the potential it is just a matter if you choose it or not.’ Simon Ibell inspired us because we learned that even though he has a disability he has still been able to reach out and help so many people. Simon also said this is where he gets my strong and positive attitude as well as the belief that no obstacle is too big to overcome. It opened our eyes to think how he is doing so many things to help his foundation even though it hurts him like when he does sports but he loves it. It touched our hearts when we found out that he had to take four hours of medication once a week every week. We think that it would be scary if you were so young and had to have needles to help his disability.” – Shae, Brynn, Anna and Devon

“Simon’s iBellieve foundation is making progress over the years. He truly believes that having MPS II means he is destined to change the world.” – Liam, Divyesh, Matteo and Alanna

“We think he is a great role model.” – Michael, Sebi, Stefan and Rune

“What brought out emotion about his story and life was how he has to undergo lots of treatments, and was told multiple times he was going to die but still pushed through.” – Grace, Zarina, Nadia and Amalia


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