Outdoor Education Climbers Not Repelled by Long Trip


For our out-trip, we (a group of 19 kids including the Grade 12 leaders) went to Penticton to rock climb.

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On the first day, all of us had to wake up really early to meet at Crothall by 5:20 am. This was definitely not an ideal time to wake up, considering that most of us have troubles waking up for school at 8:10. Nevertheless, we all made it on time – with one exception, who will not be mentioned.

The whole bus ride and ferry ride getting to Penticton was a relatively long drive. We had occasional stops which were good, but it just felt long in comparison to traveling on other outtrips. After about five hours, we finally arrived at the rock climbing site. We were greeted by two guides, Rusty and Lyol, and our rock climbing adventure officially began.

We organized our packs with equipment we needed and then hiked to where we would actually rock climb. Rusty taught us how to wear our harnesses properly and he emphasized how important it was to always wear a helmet around a climbing zone. He also showed us how to tie appropriate and safe knots to use later on. I’m sure some of us were already familiar with the basics, but I felt like it was a good introduction to rock climbing, especially for beginners.

The second day and the third were by far the best. We went repelling and zip lining. First, we repelled down the Great White, which was on an extremely high mountain. At first, it was a bit intimidating but once we began, most of us overcame our fears and just naturally repelled down. Next, we repelled into a cave where there were bird feces everywhere. It was gross, but it was the only way of getting to the zip line.

All in all, this was a fun and fantastic outtrip. The Grade 12 leaders, camp leaders and guides were great! And most importantly, everyone had a ton of fun!


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