SMUS Runners Get Olympic Inspiration


by Gary Barber, coach

Falling leaves and crisp autumn air have been the perfect seasonal partners for another Junior School cross-country running season. Racing over the fields of Beacon Hill Park or striding out against the backdrop of the Olympic Mountains, our runners have tested their abilities in early morning practices and in a series of exciting races. Participation is always a key focus for our program and in this regard, we had another successful season with 50 children representing our school. There were also some outstanding individual results with Sara, Will, Olivia, Shae, Kristina, Julian, and Margo repeatedly securing top three finishes with fine style.

We celebrated the team’s achievements by having Canadian athlete Hilary Stellingwerf – a participant at the recent London Olympics – present certificates and give an inspirational speech to our runners. Congratulations to each runner for an outstanding season!

by Makayla, Grade 5

I think that cross-country is a great extracurricular activity. In cross-country, we have the 100 Lap Club on Wednesday and Friday mornings. It’s called that because your goal is to do 100 laps. I love getting there early so I can squeeze in just a few more laps every morning, and I always love the feeling of the wet grass on my ankles. On Mondays, usually we have races between about 3:30 and 4:00. My favorite part of the races is that you never know what the weather is going to be like.

I love it when it’s raining because it feels as if you are running under a water fall and when you go through a puddle it splashes up at you like a wave. And I like it when it’s sunny because you can see clearly and you are nice and warm. I especially like it when its windy because the feeling of the wind blowing through your hair is so wonderful as you run through the fields or forests or open spaces like Dallas Road. Mr. Barber is the greatest cross-country coach and he always cheers you on in every race.


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