Ocean Centre Visit Spawns Artwork


Some Senior School artists visited the Ocean Discovery Centre to complete assignments working with moving subjects. There were no shortage of captivating creatures to sketch, and students had to work within a time limit to capture their chosen life form.

by Julia Weiss, Grade 10

For Art 10, Mr. Bateman took our class on a field trip to the Ocean Discovery Centre for a new and different drawing experience. Our assignment was to draw the animals in the tanks as they are, right in front of us rather than from memory or a photo. This was challenging at times because most of our subjects were moving targets, and each time they shifted position the reflection would shift too and you would have to wait for it to be right back at that spot again before drawing more. However, once we got the hang of it, the sketches would come out more realistic and three-dimensional than what we usually draw in class (still-life or existing pictures). I think our class learned a lot by drawing things exactly how they are in a new environment.



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