Mandarin Students Take In Chinatown


by Lucas, Grade 8

On Wednesday, October 17th, the Grade 7 and 8 Mandarin classes went on a very educational and entertaining trip to Victoria’s Chinatown. We started off the trip by meeting our tour guides by the McPherson Playhouse, we then went on to get an educational tour, learning lots about Chinese culture, history and how Chinatown has shaped Victoria’s culture.

“My favorite part of the trip to Chinatown was learning about the history of China.”

We also got to go inside the only Chinese temple in Victoria where we learned about some of the spiritual practices in China. Learning about the gate to Chinatown and Fan Tan alley also gave us a good understanding as of why Chinatown was first created in Victoria.

After the tour was over we went for a fabulous meal at a Chinese restaurant inside Chinatown. We learned lots about Chinese food as we ate and it was a very enjoyable meal. After lunch we said goodbye to our tour guides and headed to the bus to go back to school. My favorite part of the trip to Chinatown was learning about the history of China. I also found it very fun looking around at the signs on the buildings and seeing if I could recognize any of the characters from what we had learned in class. Overall, it was a very fun and I’m sure everyone who went on it learned a lot.

by Donovan, Grade 8

My group’s first stop was the Chinese school. The school was created because the Chinese were banned from the regular schools. Chinatown once had three schools but only one is left. Next we visited the Chinese temple. When you walk in the first thing you notice is the smell of incense in the air. Although small, the temple is an interesting and complicated place.

From there we went through the Gate of Harmonious Interest to Fan Tan Alley where our guide told us stories of the things that used to go on there. Finally, we experienced the best part of Chinese culture: the food. Lunch at Don Mee’s consisted of amazing wonton soup, noodles, chicken, some vegetables and plenty of tea. All of the kids had a good time at Chinatown and would love to go back.


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