Boarders Without Borders


by David, Grade 11 boarder

Boarders Without Borders was a great experience for me. I did it last year, and had a wonderful time, so I was excited when I heard it was coming around again. I, of course, signed up to go with two of my friends – Danny and Saeed – because the thought of potentially going to an unknown person’s house still unnerves me.

Mr. Hashmi picked us up, along with Charlotte’s friend, Mackenzie, on Sunday evening and we went to the Hashmi/Queen’s home. On the way there, conversation flowed easily as we talked about the different places we are from and what life is like there. We arrived at his home, and were introduced to his daughters, Charlotte and her younger sister, who, surprise surprise, we barely knew.

We sat in their living room and relaxed and, I must say, it felt strange to be in an actual home; strange but good. However, what I was especially looking forward to was eating a good home cooked meal, and when that moment finally came I was not disappointed at all. Mr. Hashmi’s roast beef and potatoes were so delicious, I had not one, or two, but three servings, and scraped the last of the potatoes out of the dish when everyone could have no more. And then there was dessert: apple pie, fresh from the oven, complemented by chocolate chip ice cream. Yummy.

“I was surprised by how easily we all laughed and joked together.”

The highlight of the night, though, came after dinner when we went back to the living room. I was surprised by how easily we all laughed and joked together, as if we hadn’t just been randomly matched together. In the end, I went away from our host’s home once again feeling glad that I took part in Boarders Without Borders. It was truly an awesome night.

by Kyus, Grade 10 boarder

Boarders Without Borders is a massively enjoyable experience that all boarders should take part in. The families are friendly, enthusiastic and they put a lot of effort into their cooking. Alongside that, it’s a magnificent chance to get to know a day student a lot better than school ordinarily gives you the chance to do. There are literally no downsides; this should be mandatory fun for all!

by Jane, Grade 10 boarder

The family that invited me for dinner provided warm hospitality and decorated their house with pumpkins and all sorts of Halloween stuff everywhere. It is not something I had seen before!

When we arrived, we played Xbox with their kids and it was really fun. Then we had a lovely dinner of pasta and salad. It was so good! We talked about Chinese food and what my SMUS experience has been like so far.

For dessert, we made a gingerbread house with their kids. Mine even collapsed two times! All in all, it was really fun.


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