Junior School Kicks Up Its Heels


Junior School students, faculty and families were able to mix and mingle at the Barn Dance again this year, donning cowboy hats and plaid for a fun-filled evening.

Student Thoughts
“The music was live and we got to do line dancing.” – Zarina

“At the Barn Dance, when you go in the gym you can hear the live band singing and all the people dancing. And some people were eating or looking at the silent auction. Or you could even go outside to see the horses, and with all of that, it is a lot of fun!” – Brynn

“The Barn Dance was really fun because of all of the music playing. I also liked it when we all did the Chicken Dance.” – Shae

“One of the parts I liked was the silent auction. I also liked the live band and the miniature ponies. I had a great time.” – Anna

“At the Barn Dance there were cookies, rice krispies, hot dogs, crafts and of course….dancing. It was so much fun! I made a horse and a hat. I loved the Barn Dance!” – Alanna

“I really liked that there was a live band this year and they were very good and entertaining. They had lots of good food and fun activities for kids.” – Devon


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