The Learning Institute: A Look at Student-Centred Education

The Learning Institute is a petri dish for teachers to test out new approaches and techniques that they believe will improve their effectiveness in the classroom. The optional program provides a space where they can ask questions without judgement, evaluate their teaching style and learn from their colleagues in an open environment.

“The Learning Institute is a diverse group of K-12 teachers who applied to join a collaborative team,” says Heather Clayton, the Director of Learning at SMUS. “They focused on projects that support student learning and visited their peers’ classrooms looking for fresh ideas and to foster a strong sense of community between campuses. It was exciting and powerful for participants and also for the greater school community.”

As this year’s new crop of eager educators embarks on their year at the Institute, we thought we would look back on the results of the pilot version. Above, students from Grade 4 through 12 share their thoughts – on student-centered learning, flip classrooms, learning styles and what it means to connect with them – while the participating teachers unpack their own experience.

Video by Darin Steinkey


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