Something Wicked for SMUS Boarders


“You are an ambitious soul, Macbeth. You long for greatness, but will you be wicked enough?”

On Tuesday evening, October 2nd, a bus of SMUS students arrived at the Royal Theatre to watch a performance of Verdi’s Macbeth. The stage opened to an odd pattern of lines, that revealed they were part of a tartan. This made sense, as Macbeth is often referred to as “the Scottish play.” In fact, it is said that there is a curse associated with the name Macbeth, and actors never say it in the theatre.

Once the overture started, it was clear that the music would be beautiful. During the opera, the use of the stage space, especially the rising platform, was incredibly effective, and the costumes were brilliant. Overall it was a good opera and a great experience.

On October 2, 2012, a group of about 30 students made their way downtown to the Royal Theatre to watch Macbeth – an opera based on the story by William Shakespeare. Performed in Italian with English subtitles, Macbeth is about a man, named Macbeth, who encounters a coven of witches who prophesy that he will be crowned King of Scotland. Macbeth’s wife, who is power-hungry, wants Macbeth to seize the throne immediately rather than letting the prophesy come true over time.

Even though it was just a dress rehearsal, the theatre was filled with enthusiastic people to watch the show. And what an amazing show it was. With help from the Victoria Symphony and Pacific Opera Chorus, the strong soprano and heavy baritone of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth filled the theatre with some wonderful music. The effects — fog and strobe lights specifically — made the performance all the more interesting and produced applause from the audience after every song. The show, with its dark undertones of violence, came to a stunning conclusion and was received with great applause. It was truly a magnificent performance and a rewarding experience.


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