Parent Presentation October 11, 2012


We were pleased to welcome more than 50 parents who attended the University Counselling Department’s presentation on Thursday October 11, 2012. We gave an overview of the process that students go through in applying to post-secondary institutions in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and Hong Kong. The presentation included details about applying for and obtaining scholarships. We have included in this blog posting the slides we used in the presentation including information about how to contact each of the university counsellors.

We view the post-secondary application process as a collabortation between students, parents, and the university counsellors, so encourage parents to meet with us at any time as part of this collaboration. The University Counselling Centre houses a wealth of information about universities, GAP year programmes, and careers that are available for students and parents to borrow or simply browse through.

To access PDF files of the presentation, click on the links below.

Parent Presentation

Scholarship Information


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