Open House Ambassadors Share Their Favorite Things


On Friday, the Junior School will welcome many Open House visitors, who will be greeted by our Grade 5 students. As our school leaders, the Grade 5 students are also our Ambassadors. In their Life Skills classes they have been thinking about what they value about their school so they can share their thoughts when they give the tours at Open House. Working in pairs, the Grade 5 students will do all of the tours of the school as they let visitors know what is important to them about their school life. In preparation for this day they have been making lists called “Ten Good Things about the Junior School” – here is a compilation of their favorite things.

Ten Good Things About the SMUS Junior School
1. Amazing teachers who are really caring and helpful
2. A lot of extra activities, clubs and sports
3. School is hard but also fun
4. We can learn three languages
5. There are great field trips
6. We have a great library with books and DVDs
7. We learn about virtues and about life, not just academics
8. We have lots of subjects and we can be creative and independent
9. The Grade 5 students do either an opera or musical every year
10. Everyone is joyful and happy (bully-free atmosphere)

Other favorite things: Strings (Grade 4&5), house games, and after school care


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